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I can almost hear your eyeballs rolling around in your head now–those of you who support Black Jaguar White Tiger, anyway. Eduardo Serio, the owner and founder of Black Jaguar White Tiger keeps newborn big cat cubs in his walk in closet so that they can receive ‘around the clock care’ from him personally. Even with the ban on circus animals, the number one cat “rescued” at BJWT is nursing cubs. Overall, I’d say that Black Jaguar White Tiger is nothing more than an ego project from a well-meaning, but seemingly delusional man. This, of course, is a counterproductive strategy in the long run, because it only encourages the bad breeders to keep breeding. Most have been purchased from circuses and petting zoos through The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation (BJWT), an organization the Mexico native founded in 2013 to “rescue” them. If I told you that an Arizona housewife living on 8 acres had 180 house cats, you’d suggest I call animal control because she couldn’t possibly care for all of them properly. If it wasn’t the case he should have politely addressed the concern and explained why this behavior was present. He even posted a video of him putting his arm in a lions mouth, which sends out completely the wrong message to a following of over 5 million. Yes, forced to perform. I mentioned how I didn’t like bjwt and gave reasons why, invited others to research about him before crooning over his actions. The mighty Chiquitin! May 2, 2018  When clueless celebrities post photos of themselves posing with cubs, their fans let them know it’s a cruel, selfish and ignorant thing to do. This is an accident waiting to happen. Unless he has a lot of resources or learns to say “no”, I’m worried it’s going to turn into a hoarding situation. So a few dozen celebrities have gone down there to Black Jaguar White Tiger. Of course, in his very early Instagram posts, he presented Cielo as the pet he’d purchased her to be, but by now, his story of attaining Cielo reads like a dime store action book, with him sweeping in and saving her from certain death. This is not a man who is taking this lightly. The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation. I said that I didn’t just go off what articles say, that I get a negative vibe in general from the foundation. Any zoo can tell you horror stories (if they are honest with you) about the cancers and other health issues that are caused by using pharmaceutical solutions to over breeding. His Instagram account consisted of cute videos of his three pets frolicking in swimming pools, playing in his house, with his friends, suckling pacifiers like babies, and chewing on inappropriate items which resulted in the death of Karma. There has to be something that can be done. what’d he do now!? "img": false, }, Bigger size white, durable ceramic mug. I had a very weird feeling about this guy…hence why I started googling about the place and came across this article. Here is a fantastic article describing this flawed practice Serio forces on his cats. That video is a video of a man playing with his pet. I pointed out that his organization has a responsibility to educate, and that showing videos of playing with these animals as if they were pets is irresponsible. If you are running a sanctuary and want the cats to not breed and live long happy, healthy lives, then you spay and neuter. He works with the proper authorities. He is first and foremost, a savvy business man. I’ve volunteered at shelters & big dog rescues & if there’s one thing I can fully endorse it’s that 99% of the people who run them are bat crap bonkers. The fact that the large majority of them arrive as extremely young cubs points more toward buying them from breeders than of rescuing them, especially because in the exotic animal trade, the cubs hold the most value. So you see, these animals are being used, on a daily basis for photo opportunities. I have heard him call out viewers on his live videos, calling them RETARDS and telling them to “go fuck themselves.” I very innocently asked on his Instagram page once if he spays and neuters his animals because I noticed females mixed in with males in the same enclosures, and before I could say “WTF” I was blocked. Spoiled indeed. The first thing Pappa Bear fans need to know is why it is always cruel to post images of people petting big cats or their cubs. How can anyone be a follower of Eddie Serio when they see him kick a small cat and mock the cat’s worried owner in this video? so i started following them on ig because i love these animals and i thought what he was doing was actually out of his pure vision, but since ig shows related pictures about something too, i realized that somehow only rich/famous people get to visit & pet these animals, so i asked them on one of their videos about this, and they BLOCKED me! 12.2k Followers, 215 Following, 94 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from BlackJaguar.WhiteTiger (@blackjaguar.whitetiger) Investigating global wildlife issues and providing networks for global solutions. This is a great article. At the time that Jacalyn’s article was published, BJWT was NOT a 501(c)3 company. "footer": { This article also mentions that ‘Stage 3’ is ‘in the works’. } Cubs that still have a lot of lucrative weeks left in them for the abusers. That shows how easy people can be manipulated and I also saw at the comments that they really defend him with claws and teeth if somebody says something negative – that is really frightening! Below you will find our Size charts! No, not every animal that is rescued or saved can be returned to the wild. No, I haven’t accidentally started talking about Siegfried and Roy, I haven’t accidentally referred to a retired circus performer who hoards ‘rescued’ big cats in his central Texas cape cod home. There are numerous ongoing investigations into BJWT and Eduardo Serio. Serio appears to “rescue” his animals by buying them from circuses and private zoos, usually as young cubs. Aytron is a wild animal trapped inside a house spraying on walls–repeatedly, and everywhere–to mark his territory, and in 14 days 64,500 people have liked the video and inundated it with comments like ‘That boy is so spoiled.’. An ironic message for Serio to be sending, since he says he doesn’t believe that animals should be property. The fact that you came here and left a long comment, that you clearly have not done any independent research on, but rather have pulled all of your information directly from BJWT social media platforms only validates the comparison to the People’s Temple. It’s a very long, and arduous task. According to businessman Eduardo Serio, BJWT was founded in 2013 when he rescued a jaguar cub named Cielo from a pet store in Monterrey, Mexico. Honestly? I just learned about this organisation today on Facebook. Think of Instagram as the supermarket tabloid of the internet. The draw card being the “cutesy” videos of big cat cubs kept as pets in a mansion. This same article lists ‘Stage 2’ as 8 acres where the older animals can run and play. function ShopifyBuyInit() { And he doesn’t own Instagram, he’s got 6m followers, that’s not even top 1000, so grow up & stop exaggerating, it’s another reason u invalidate ur own argument because u say dumb subjective stuff like that. In response Serio has said that someday he will use contraceptives, but there are no safe contraceptives for use in big cats. The goal is to reintroduce these poor animals back into nature where they belong at some point, not breed them in there which I also had not even considered until researching. Shop high-quality unique Black Jaguar White Tiger T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. Rescuing Animals born and sold in Mexico from horrible circumstances. Meanwhile, Eduardo posts videos like this and is rewarded with 30,500 subscribers to his YouTube channel. This guy is a total hot head. Eduardo Serio is involved with mexican drug lords and corrupt politicians, just investigate a bit and you will find the scary truth !! At our Foundation, we hope to inspire more people to learn, get involved, and to take action for the conservation of Big Felines and other Animals at large.… "products": { Serio, a Mexican born businessman … this group relentlessly harasses me and my family and friends because I critiqued his practices on Instagram. } I have had a sinister feeling about him from the beginning and have recently begun to not agree with ANY of it. Honestly, the whole time this was going on I was laughing because I knew that there was no way they would ever take the criticisms to heart. 3.4M likes. Black Jaguar White Tiger, The Jim Jones of The Conservation World. . } else { One of these friends has 64k followers and works at bjwt. The entire point of Jim’s ideals were that we were all the same inside, just like Eduardo claims we’re all the same. I just received the same type of treatment. } I live in south america, and I think there should be a competent authority that monitors any place where any organization has animals for care and protect. These are not small details, they’re different lies being told about the cats. Please use your cognitive thinking when trying to search for an answer. Black Jaguar White Tiger is a newly-founded private “rescue” for big cats, which started about a year or so ago in a wealthy area of Mexico City. However, the dates on the paperwork are LATER than the publication of Jacalyn’s article, proving that she was correct, and in no way lied. He’s wealthy enough to have two residences in Mexico. Of course, as the sun rises and sets, his Instagram exploded to what it is today. } Do you really think these celebrities are going to ruin their careers over this? Over the last few years, the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation has rescued hundreds of Animals from deplorable situations. 9. [CDATA[*/ If these animals can’t be rehabilitated would you rather have them euthanized? They both claim to be the next big cat messiah. I used to be a fan until he would constantly post negatitvity. Eduardo talks candidly about his grossly incorrect handling of his animals, and shockingly, the public hangs on his every word. His followers/groupies/minions blind faith makes me worry about the world in general. Please follow on Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube. function loadScript() { On July 16, he posted a video on Facebook of a new litter of lion cubs. Within the span of just two years, this foundation has become a world wide phenomenon touted as the leading edge of conservation, endorsed by dozens of celebrities, and monopolizing social media to the point of being able to shut down sites like Instagram just with the traffic associated with their account. Black Jaguar - White Tiger The Black. Of course, gaggles of well-meaning animal lovers (the same kind who would fall for cub-petting schemes) have nothing but praise for Serio and his “amazing bond.” They think that this is the way a real sanctuary is run, to say nothing of the hundreds who express their wishes for their very own pet big cat, or at least the chance to touch one.

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